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If you are seeking to acquire or merge, divest or dispose, restructure or raise capital, equitise or list, V Chartered Accountants Co. Ltd’s experienced Advisory Services Team can assist you with our wide range of consulting services. 

  1. Business Valuations

Our Advisory Services professionals have extensive experience in business valuations. These can be performed independently or as part of your process of equitisation, listing or raising private equity. We act as a registered business appraiser and independent expert. We use in-depth research into the economy, the industry, "guideline" companies, and your business and use international best practice to provide you with quality, independent valuations of your business.

  1. Transaction Support

Inevitably, most growing businesses need to consider making local or cross-border investments and/ or acquisitions. Our role is to identify potential risks in the transaction and offer suggestions how these may be mitigated. Thus we enable owners and managers to make investments with confidence by supporting and advising throughout the transaction.

We provide extensive due diligence which we tailor to each specific transaction that delivers a report that comprehensively analyses the target business. This typically includes:

  1. Project Finance

We assist you in developing a well-planned and structured approach to achieve your financing objectives for a business or investment project by:

In addition, we use the close relationships with investors to achieve the right chemistry for you on an on-going basis.

  1. Lead Advisory

Careful planning and co-ordination are needed to achieve success in any business venture. With strategic advice, wehelp you strengthen your business by:

  1. Equitisation Consulting and Listing Preparation

When you are looking to equitise, privatise or launch an IPO, we provide assistance by:

When you prepare to list on a stock exchange, either locally overseas, we help you by:

  1. Restructuring

Even the best run companies can run into difficulties and when that happens it is important to act quickly to minimise loss and maximise achievement of planned outcomes. We can assist in the following areas:

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