Cost Accounting and Cost Consultancy

At V Chartered Accountants Co.,Ltd, we drive efficiency at every stage of our projects, constantly striking the right balance between quality and cost. Our cost management service provides independent, impartial, specialist advice on the full scope of manufacturing/production/construction costs throughout the life cycle of projects/process.

Depth and breadth of expertise

The VCA cost consultancy team brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to every project across many sectors. The team is lead by the qualified and experienced cost accountant Mr. Babulal Parihar having the total experience of more than seven years working in several industries for the development of costing system, MIS reporting, Cost Records Preparation, Cost Auditing and other Costing Related Records preparation.  He has an extensive track record of working in partnership with clients from different manufacturing sectors like, Cement, Textile, Glass, Natural Oil & Gas, Minerals, Edible Oil, Graphite, Steel, Power, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Construction, Paper etc. Moreover, Mr. Babulal Parihar also possesses the professional qualification of CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) from The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.


Proactive in reporting costs

Our proactive position ensures the best value for our clients, whether we are providing high-level strategic cost advice, project cost management through the life cycle or taxation. By identifying costs and risks early in the project cycle, we influence these factors for the benefit of the client.

Information focused on client needs

We know the marketplace, so our clients can rely on receiving astute, accurate proposals to support their business decisions. We continually challenge our service offer to ensure it meets our clients' requirements. 

Our Costing Services:


1.      Cost Records Preparation

2.      Product and Process Costing

3.      Job /Batch Costing

4.       Cost Variance Analysis

5.       Cost planning

6.       Life cycle cost planning

7.       Strategic Cost Advice

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